Music Industry Consultant

With around 30 years of music industry experience, Atheen is available as a music consultant. She has worked as a perfomer in the UK and overseas, been signed to a London label, ran her own indie label, formed one of the early digital distribution companies in 2006, had sync placements, written for music libraries, short movies, radio jingles and much more. She was also one of the first UK artists to explore the music industry in China and spent a year there networking and performing.

Atheen is a specialist in Digital Marketing, having been selling music online since the mid 90s. She has operated numerous release campaigns for her own songs and for the artists on her label. She self releases her own compositions on her label

Via her site she is educating and empowering independent artists to operate their own successful music careers without the need for a record deal. Her website has been set up to advise buyers and to offer music education from beginner to advanced levels.