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Atheen – Singer | Songwriter | Composer


Dreaming Of The Stars

My second track for Mythology Music. This started as a relaxation project but somehow the first release is turning into a space music project! Actually I've always loved sci-fi music and while I'm enjoying working on these tracks, I'm looking forward to...

YouTube Updates

Finally taken charge of my YouTube channel and came across some lovely comments that I didn’t even know were there, thank-you guys!!! New video content coming from next week. In the meantime here’s a cover I did of a favourite track by Sarah Bareilles x x...

Journey To The Stars

So I decided earlier this year that I wanted to produce a few more instrumentals – some cinematic music, relaxation, library music, etc. – and for this I needed a new brand name to release under. After much brainstorming and domain name searching I finally...


“Fine UK singer and keyboard player with good songwriting skills…”

Adam Sieff

Sony Music / Sellaband

“one very shimmering pro quality voice…”

Chop Suey Joint


“Fantastic vocals and very well produced music that shows experience!”

“excellent vocalist (who) has a great rapport with the audience”

Big Wheel Entertainments



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