Atheen is available for sessions, collaborations, demonstrations and consultations.


Atheen is a member of BASCA. She has many years of songwriting experience and is available for collaborations. She is able to write in a variety of styles, including Pop, Rock, Jazz and Singer-Songwriter.


Atheen composes in a range of styles and writes for music libraries. She won awards for her early work on radio jingles and has composed for short movies. She has a range of releases on her own sub-labels, including classical, funk, jazz, relaxation music and corporate production music. The tracks are available for licensing through various outlets, including via her own label, Modal Records.

Topline Writer

Atheen has lots of experience working with producers and has written a number of toplines (lyrics and melody). The song ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ started as a topline project and went on to be remixed and released on vinyl via Estaloka Records.

Session Vocalist

With many years experience of working with other artists, Atheen can add vocals or backing vocals to your project. She can either attend your studio or work remotely, operating out of her own studio space.

Session Keyboardist

Atheen has provided keyboard parts to a number of artists and is happy to attend local studios or work remotely out of her own studio. She’s a highly accomplished keyboardist and can work in a number of styles.

Keyboard Demonstrator

Atheen started her career as a keyboard demonstrator for two music stores and later worked freelance, with demo sessions for Korg, Roland and Casio. More recently she has launched her own keyboardist website and has worked to promote the CME Xkey amongst other products.

Music Industry Consultant

After around 30 years of working as a performer, being signed, working overseas, running her own labels and operating out of her own studio, Atheen has a lot of experience to share. She is an expert in Digital Marketing, being one of the early adoptees of selling music online and helps other artists via her MusoZone brand.