Stronger | 08/10/21

(with Johnny Thirkell & Gaz Rackham)
Atheen - Stronger

Singer | Songwriter | Composer





Hey lovelies, it's time for a new track! There's a particular sound that I've always been after so this year I've taken some time out to learn some new production skills and get more musicians to contribute, so here is the result 🙂 This time the track is featuring a...

M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3 Test

M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3 Test

A couple of months ago I was sent the M-Audio Keystation Mk3 to review and was so impressed that I ended up buying one for gigs! In the video above is a quick comparison of the Keystation alongside the Yamaha P115 so that you can hear the difference (or similarities)...

CME XKey Touch Sensitiviy Test

CME XKey Touch Sensitiviy Test

Been wanting to get a few more kit videos on my YouTube channel so here we go, starting 2021 off as I mean to go on! I was fascinated by the CME Xkey when I first saw it and it's been a really fun part of my setup since getting one. Great for taking out on the road,...


“Fine UK singer and keyboard player with good songwriting skills…”

Adam Sieff

Sony Music / Sellaband

“one very shimmering pro quality voice…”

Chop Suey Joint


“Fantastic vocals and very well produced music that shows experience!”

“excellent vocalist (who) has a great rapport with the audience”

Big Wheel Entertainments