Downtime Plug-in Capture

Downtime is released today and it’s the first in a new collection of instrumentals, inspired by some of my favourite artists like Herbie Hancock, Wally Badarou, Urbanator and many more.

This is a fun little project that I can create entirely ‘in-the-box’ and to show how in-the-box it is, the video is made up of a lot of the plug-ins used in creating this piece. Here’s a list of all tracks in my DAW, plus I had SSL Native Bus Compressor, XLN Audio RC20 Retro Color, UJAM Retro Finisher, iZotope Audiolens, iZotope Ozone Elements, iZotope Ozone Vintage Limiter and the Logic EQ and Compressor on my Bus.

This is my take on Jazz-Fusion and it very much sticks to a jazz format, with the main melody at beginning and end and a couple of lead sections in the middle. Looking forward to playing this with a band, or hearing another band play it in their set!

The artwork was generated by AI in Canva and the video created using HitFilm Express.

It’s available from today on my Bandcamp store and from 23rd February 2024 on all other stores and streaming sites.