Music Gear

OK, anyone that knows me knows I’m a complete keyboard nerd although I have heavily streamlined my setup in recent years due to more travelling. So here’s my current list of babies and links to where you can pick up the same kit.

Logic Pro X

We each have our favourite DAW but for me it’s Logic all the way. Such a great price for an amazing piece of software, with the option to add so much more with third party plugins. I have Kontakt plus a few Waves plugins, including MAXX Volume and CLA Vocals. Recently signed up to the EastWest Composer Cloud and now have some awesome strings and pianos loaded 🙂

27” Imac

OK, maybe I went a little over the top with this and the smaller version would have sufficed but it’s the heart of my studio. I manage my entire career from this, not only audio and video production but photo editing, website building, marketing, distribution and more.

CME Xkey 37 LE

Recently my Keyboardist website has been working alongside Hands On Music, meaning that I’ve had the chance to try out the wonderful CME Xkey. I’m really taken with the whole idea of it and will be adding one to my portable setup for sure.

Although I’m working with the Xkey 37 LE, there’s also a bluetooth version available called Xkey AIR.

Buy at: Keyboardist

Retro Kit

Old, grubby looking kit I can’t bear to part with, including a Yamaha KX88, Yamaha KX5, Roland Axis, Yamaha TG500, Yamaha TG55, Korg 05RW and Digitech Vocalist II.


I ruddy love keytars and the Lucina is my 3rd model (after Yamaha KX5, Roland AXIS). I love how much lighter this is than the Axis while still having full size keys. Added bonus is that I can finally go completely wireless – freedom!

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

I can wear these for hours at a time and not feel any discomfort. Perfect for doing basic mixes and nicely padded, plus I like that the cable is seperate which extends the lifetime of the headphones.

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

Have always loved Yamaha kit, their weighted keyboards have a fantastic feel and are so responsive and expressive. Picked up this lightweight piano back in 2017 and it’s been great for the studio although I will probably be switching it for a controller keyboard early next year (I need my pitch bend and mod wheels) and putting a CLP 665 in the lounge for chilled out playing and writing 🙂

This has now been replaced by the Yamaha P-125, links below.

Buy at: Gear4Music | Thomann | Amazon (affiliate links)

Korg nanoPAD2 Controller

OK, what I really want is a full set of digital drums to bash but this has been great for tapping in drum beats while on the road. I’ll probably keep it on to use during live performances once it gets replaced in the studio.

Yamaha AG06 Interface / Mixer

This little piece of kit is a great two in one mixer / audio interface that is lightweight, doesn’t take up much space and has just the right number of inputs for a small studio. Nice, clean recording signal with no latency issues.

Rode NT1-A Studio Mic

An industry standard, this is a great budget mic for a small studio setup that’s done a top job on all of the projects I’ve used it on so far. I’ll be replacing it with the USB version soon as I look at making my studio more compact.