“UK singer / songwriter / producer Atheen is a self-confessed keyboard nerd who is slightly deaf in one ear thanks in no small part to an over-zealous guitarist whose amp actually did go up to 11. She once harboured dreams of being a rock goddess but having totally failed as a guitarist, settled on being a ‘keytarist’ instead, where she still gets to run around the stage and play licks through her cry baby without getting string-dented fingers”.

Atheen is a versatile UK vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, composer and producer. Her musical passion has always been Jazz-Funk and her first band performed songs by bands and artists such as The Brecker Brothers, Level 42, Stanley Clarke, Patrice Rushen, etc. During this time she supported Soul II Soul with her duo Back2Funk.

On relocating to London, she signed to Estaloka Records who released a couple of funky house tracks on white label vinyl. During her London years, Atheen developed her production skills and wrote and produced music for a number of other artists. As her deal ended, the industry was changing rapidly and Atheen decided to set up her own label and self-release her music rather than seek out a new deal.

Atheen works out of her own studio creating original songs and composing music for film and television. She performs with her Jazz-Funk trio, releases music on her label Modal Records and licences music through her publishing company Modal Publishing.

Atheen has worked with musicians such as Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai), Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), Gary Barnacle (Jamiroquai, Level 42), Johnny Thirkell (Jamiroquai, Level 42) and Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai).