Format: Digital Download, CD
Release Date: 12th August 2013

Track Listing:

  1. Waited
  2. Alive
  3. A Little Intrigue
  4. I’m Sorry
  5. Pick Myself Up
  6. What You Have Done
  7. Be Where You Be
  8. Shine
  9. You Deserve
  10. Easy
  11. From Home
  12. Where Do We Go

Although I’d been signed to a small indie label in London during my early career, we’d only ever released a couple of singles. So when that deal ended I wanted to start releasing full albums but wasn’t sure which route to take as all my previous tracks for the label had been dance, house and garage. However, a trip to Hong Kong sent me back to my piano / vocal roots and I started crafting a few songs. After getting some positive feedback and encouragement, I decided to continue on this track. I loved the fresh, New York piano sound that a lot of my favourite artists had and worked on developing and finding the perfect songs to fit within that style (although a little bit of rock influence crept in on some of the tracks) 🙂

The whole thing was done on a very low budget, including a lot of recording and mixing in my own home studio. I put 18 months of my spare time into it and while I may get it remixed and remastered one day, I’m very proud of the finished result x

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