It’s true to say that I haven’t done much musically over the past few years. However I have still been very busy in the music industry. Back in 2009 I decided to start my own label for self-releasing but when approached by a number of other artists for help with their own careers, I ended up with a full-blown distribution company which I then whittled down into two distinct labels, for singer/songwriters and urban releases.

While it’s been a wonderful journey running the labels and I’ve met many fantastic people within the industry, it has also been all-consuming, eating into my time, energy and resources. I started to become known in the biz as someone who owns a label rather than as an artist and was being approached by more bands and artists asking if I could assist them in releasing their own music, rather than asking if I’d like to do some session keyboard work for them.

While fun, it wasn’t creatively fulfilling and certainly not where I’d intended my career to go when I started out, so as a result I have decided that it’s time for big change. My official association with AudioFile Records ended on July 31st this year and I’m in the process of handing it over to new ownership. It will take me a couple of months to extract myself completely as pretty much every website I’ve signed up for over the past eight years has been in my business name, lots of tedious admin to work through!

I’m so grateful to the artists that joined me on the journey and wish them every success in their own careers, they’re hugely talented and I hope that they do well and we have the chance to perform together in the future.

Running a label has given me a deep insight and appreciation of how much work goes into an artists career and I shall be sharing my experiences with you via various resources. If a label offers you a 50/50 deal then I can tell you first hand it will be well earned on their part – it takes a lot to market an artist and to maintain all of the memberships and contacts required to successfully launch a career in music.

Despite all of the work left to do, I’ve already started working on new musical projects and am really excited about spending more time on personal music practise, writing and gigging later this year. Hope to see you on the road soon 🙂 x