Ain’t Nobody Playin’

Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 1st March 2019

Track Listing:

  1. Ain’t Nobody Playin’
  2. Ain’t Nobody Playin’ (instrumental)

Track Credits:

Atheen – songwriter, vocals, keys, production
Nick Van Gelder – drums
Gaz Rackham – bass
Franco Barroso, guitars, outro strings
Julian Chown – engineering
The Airlab – mastering

The new release is finally here! Figured it was time to make my dream funk album so I’m turning it out one track at a time throughout 2019. The idea is to share a lot of fun times with friends – writing, recording and performing music that we love and hope that you love too.

Absolutely honoured to have the fabulous Nick Van ‘Groove’ Gelder adding his own dose of funk to this track. Teaming him up with my old partner in funk Gaz Rackham on bass, I’ve ended up with a perfect rhythm section! Another old collaborator, Franco Barroso, provided some finishing touches with funky guitar riffs and the outro strings.

Big thanks to Julian Chown at Joules Productions and Jerome at The Airlab for their amazing engineering and mastering skills, couldn’t have done this without you guys!

A little background on the song – this was originally written in March 2002 for an upcoming TLC album. Sadly we all know what happened a month later and the song was never submitted. However in honour of its original intended purpose, I decided to keep in the US accent on the intro vocal and the reference to ‘burn the house down’ in the lyrics.

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