Bring Those Good Times Back

(with Matt Johnson and Derrick McKenzie)

Atheen - Bring Those Good Times Back


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The new single, Bring Those Good Times Back, has launched today! It’s always an exciting time releasing any music, but this feels particularly special as I have some exceptionally talented musicians contributing to it.

Ever since getting into music, it’s been the dream to be part of the ‘Jazz-Funk / Acid Jazz’ gang and I’ve previously been lucky enough to have musical contributions from Nick Van Gelder, Gary Barnacle and Johnny Thirkell. I was overjoyed when Matt Johnson and Derrick McKenzie agreed to play on the track. Right away they got the vibe that was needed and I have to say that I’m so happy with the end result. It was an absolute joy to work with such professional and experienced musicians and I hope there will be many more opportunities in the future.

Of course, I couldn’t do a track without my trusty buddy Gaz Rackham on bass, his playing still leaves me in awe after 20 odd years and to finish it all off I tracked down Jack Pennifold to play guitar, as I’d been so impressed with his professionalism and his robot timing on the previous track (listen out for those guitar triplets, awesome!)

Mixing Jazz-Funk to give it a retro vibe while still being fresh and modern enough to end up in Nu Disco playlists is quite a feat but Jez Larder at Skyline Studio did just that, a very talented mix engineer that I highly recommend.

So there we are. It took a while as these things are cash and time hungry when you’re an independant musician, but I now have enough tracks in the repertoire to get out on the road! 🙂

The video above is the Nu Disco remix, you can view the original mix here.

Track Credits

Written and Produced by Atheen.
Keys by Matt Johnson
Drums by Derrick McKenzie
Bass by Gaz Rackham
Guitar by Jack Pennifold
Mastered by Jez Larder at Skyline Studios
Video elements by Canva /