(with Johnny Thirkell & Gaz Rackham)
Atheen - Stronger

Hey lovelies, it’s time for a new track! There’s a particular sound that I’ve always been after so this year I’ve taken some time out to learn some new production skills and get more musicians to contribute, so here is the result 🙂

This time the track is featuring a contribution from the illustrious Johnny Thirkell on brass! Again I’m utterly honoured that someone of his calibre has taken the time to work on this project – just check out his discography! (It includes working with Jamiroquai, Level 42, Tina Turner, David Bowie and contributing to 25 number one singles!!)

Also on the track is my adorable buddy Gaz Rackham playing one of his infectious basslines. As I’ve said before, he is the Mark to my Mike, the Zender to my Jay, the Stan to my George, hehe! x

Percussion is by Adam Alesi, a fantastic session drummer from LA, Violin by talented classical player Ayran Nicodemo in Brazil and the funky guitar is from the awesome Jack Pennifold in London – a truly international collaboration – thanks guys! 🙂

Currently it’s only out on Bandcamp and will be released to all the major stores along with a remix at the end of October x


Track Credits

Written and Produced by Atheen.
Brass arranged, played and recorded by Johnny Thirkell.
Bass by Gaz Rackham.
Percussion by Adam Alesi.
Guitar by Jack Pennifold.
Violin by Ayran Nicodemo.
Mastered by Jesse at Medway Studios.
Video background by Storyblocks.