Atheen has long worked as a composer and has created a huge catalogue of instrumental music in various styles. She first started creating library music for the VHS market where there was a growing demand and later worked on a number of radio jingles, where she won awards for her work. Her classical compositions have been used in ballet classes globally and she has a growing library of classical,  cinematic and documentary style tracks available for licensing.



Get an original score for a short movie up to five minutes long. Limited time offer at this price while I build my IMDB profile.

I’m only taking on one film project per month so can dedicate time to creating a great original score for you.

Styles include orchestral, electronic and contemporary. I use Logic Pro X and the East West sample library. Please bear in mind I’m a keyboardist, so no requests for guitar tracks đŸ™‚

– spotting session via skype
– cue sheet provided
– I can release the soundtrack on my Mythology Music label

Please note that while it will be an original score, I will retain all composer and master rights in the recordings.


Latest News

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

Hope you're having a great 2020 so far! Just finished the first track of the year, a magical cinematic piece. Imagine enchanted forests and masked balls. As always, this track is available to licence via the link above đŸ™‚



OK, here it is, the fourth video for the Mythology Music project. The videos are getting more adventurous each time and this one features some stunning images from the Hubble telescope. Full credits are shown at the end of the video. These are written as...